Product Review: GORUCK 38 L GYM BAG


I recently received this bag as a gift from my girlfriend for Christmas, which I asked for and I must say it does not leave much to be desired except a shoulder strap which is not included. GORUCK has a shoulder strap that can be used for this bag; but it is sold separately and retails for about 19 bucks (I think their on sale for 15 now). For the price point on this bag I would have liked for the strap to be included. The strap its self is made of high quality materials and can sustain heavy loads and comes in either black or coyote; but for 85 bucks I’d like a complete bag without having to buy extras. All whining aside this bag is very well made and I am very much enamored with it. If you’re not familiar with GORUCK products they are top quality and made right here in the USA. The company was founded on a solid formula of making tough products that will last a lifetime. The company itself was founded by Jason McCarthy in early 2008 and eventually made his gear available to the public by 2010.  Jason was a member of the 10th Special Forces Group and I believe served from 2006-08. It is in this pedigree that the core ideals of this company lie. I truly believe that this is the absolute last gym bag I will ever have to buy. One of my favorite things about this bag is the simplicity. The bag is simple but efficient and when I first received it I could tell this thing was built to last.



I really like the setup with this bag. There is one small interior pocket for your keys and wallet and whatever else you might be carrying. I currently use my interior pocket to carry my wallet, iPod Nano 2nd gen, JBL Reflect sport headphones, and my C.R.K.T. Hissatsu pocket knife. It’s a literal pocket dump of edc. As you can see from the open pocket pic there is plenty room for a phone or anything else of similar size to fit as well.


On either side of the bag are two almost dinner plate sized pockets that can be used for anything.


That leaves only the main compartment bringing the total number of pockets to four, that’s great for me because I do not like scrounging for stuff in an excessive amount of pockets and or the one main compartment. The zippers are excellent quality being made by YKK and tied off with 550 cord and plastic sleeves to avoid fraying. If I put something somewhere it can only be in one of four places and I usually use the same pockets for the same things and as a creature of habit this works great for me. When I get into the gym I know exactly where my lock is and my jump rope and just like that I’m out and about the gym working out not wasting time looking for stuff in my bag.


The main compartment its self holds a good amount of gear and is perfect for what I need it for. I originally was thinking of purchasing the 20 L gym bag; but I am glad I didn’t because I do not think it would have been able to hold everything I need ( when I go to the gym I’m usually there 3 hours or so, so I bring a lot of stuff). All in all I am very satisfied with my GORUCK Gym Bag the quality is amazing and the simplicity is key for me. I will suck it up eventually and purchase the shoulder strap from GORUCK because it will work for any of their bags that use a shoulder strap and I plan on purchasing from them again. Here is the link to their site if you want the specifics and all the features on this bag.




  1. italianhandful · January 6, 2015

    What a great blog! Love the pictures especially where you show how much stuff you can get in there and what it is!!!

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  2. italianhandful · January 6, 2015

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    The inside edge on outside options rugged pulse is the place to go…


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