Over the last decade or so I have been training martial arts and working out on and off. In the time that I’ve been working out I have become quite fond of jumping rope, rather trying to get better at it, I believe it was in one of Bruce Lee’s books, where I read that, jumping rope for three minutes straight is the beginning of a good workout. It makes sense that he would incorporate it into his routine as he was an  a big fan of the boxing grind. Read More


Product Review: GORUCK 38 L GYM BAG


I recently received this bag as a gift from my girlfriend for Christmas, which I asked for and I must say it does not leave much to be desired except a shoulder strap which is not included. GORUCK has a shoulder strap that can be used for this bag; but it is sold separately and retails for about 19 bucks (I think their on sale for 15 now). For the price point on this bag I would have liked for the strap to be included. Read More