Product Review: NITECORE MH12

IMG_1578The LED in recent years has progressed leaps and bounds. This has allowed for many advances in different industries in terms of application. Whether that field is medical lighting, LED displays, or even the car industry the more advanced LED(s) become the further we can push these technologies. One of the related industries that has greatly benefitted from this progression is the flashlight industry. So much so that some small handheld units can even rival the high  beams on the latest cars. Read More


Product Review: GORUCK 38 L GYM BAG


I recently received this bag as a gift from my girlfriend for Christmas, which I asked for and I must say it does not leave much to be desired except a shoulder strap which is not included. GORUCK has a shoulder strap that can be used for this bag; but it is sold separately and retails for about 19 bucks (I think their on sale for 15 now). For the price point on this bag I would have liked for the strap to be included. Read More